13 Tips To Impress A Man

How to Impress a Man:

E-Harmony  said “there are chicks that simply impress guys and others that are attractive to men”. If you are serious about attracting a man, you require a system.

  1. Just simple Smart

Let’s pulp the rumor today that men don’t like smart women but actually they do. A smart woman that isn’t debasing or out to impress with her smarts is super BEAUTIFUL to everyone. Ask Men studies report it’s all about facts and figures. If you can inspire a man with your emotional smarts, you’re going to capture his attention hook, line and sinker. If you have the cavernous intelligence to inspire, motivate and educate, you are leagues ahead of the rest of the flock.

  1. Non-Nasty Disagreements

It does not matter how preciously perfect you are because at some point, you are going to disagree with your partner .That’s life. A man  prefers a girl that can state her opinion, listen, and disagree with an open mind and not get all bent out of shape.

  1. Getting ready in time

Most men don’t want a girl that takes two hours to get ready and is constantly distressing about smudging her make-up. Holy crap that sucks if you can be beautiful in your skin without all the extras, you are most certainly to impress the man that matters.

Believe it “Natural can be beautiful and if you’ve got it, you will win, just saying”.

  1. Pay Up Sweetie

 It’s not that the man expects the girl to pay. We know old-fashioned traditional is beautiful. However, if a girl insists on getting the check, that’s a whole other level of fabulous. I’m not saying the man is going to let this fly but just the act speaks wonders. You know what Independence is gorgeous.

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  1. Be grateful for Life

Life is tough and there’s so much negative, it’s often hard to find that sunshine every time . But a girl that chooses to focus on the positive no matter how crappy things get, is magical, according to Glamour magazine. If you are energized about life and don’t let the little things get you down, you’re already crazy impressive.

  1. It’s All In The Touch

If you are looking to seek space from your man then you are on the wrong track. Girls that insist on having personal space are already rejecting their chances of impressing a man. Step out of your comfort zone and take a chance of letting a man in for crying out loud.

If you are cozy in your skin and have no issues with non-invasive touches and closeness, you are  sending the message loud and clear that you are a gal that deserves. End of story.

  1. Simplicity of Forgiveness

When a man sees you have the ability to understand and forgive, he’s naturally going to be drawn to you. Life is all about learning by making mistakes. Nobody is perfect and when you show him you have patience and understanding, you’re golden.

  1. Lie is a Sin , Liars Beware 

This one is pretty straight up. Trust should be number one in any relationship and if you can’t be trusted, there’s no way in hell you’re going to impress a man genuinely – Zero!

If you want any sort of relationship that’s meaningful, you need to make sure it’s based on honesty and trust. If not, you might as well hit the road right now, seriously.

  1. It’s All About You

If you are self-centered and it’s all about you, there’s going to be serious issues.

Be sure, you need to love who you are but you need to make sure you are listening to your man and not yapping nonstop about you and your issues. If you don’t understand what I’m saying, you are in deep trouble.

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  1. Don’t Bother With Jealous Card 

There’s lots of conflicting information out there but the scorecard that matters says, trying to make a man jealous is a bad move. Sure, a little bit of yearning is a good thing, but taking action to try and make a man jealous is silly.

  1. Remember Easy On Playing Hard To Get

Essentially, you shouldn’t make it too difficult for a man to get your undivided attention. This isn’t saying, you can’t make him work a little bit .You are worth it right? Just take it easy because overdosing isn’t cool.

  1. Be Straight Up with Your Decisions 

If you are craving a pizza, make sure you tell him. When he asks you, what movie you’d like to see, don’t tell him it doesn’t matter, then get pissed off when he picks a chick-flick.

When he asks you a question, just answer it honestly. He wouldn’t ask you if he didn’t want to know.

  1. Leave the Past Where It Belongs

Experts from Psychology Today say you should leave your past in the past if you are looking to impress a man.

If you start pouring on how you put up with your exes abuse for years and helped him through tough times, battling depression and drink, you’re sending a negative signal. You want to set positive thoughts in his mind and talking about your ex won’t do the trick.

Keep it positive and light, factual and exciting. Focus forward and you’ll win.

When it comes to impressing your man, you need to take it cool and easy. Be real, honest and open, but don’t dump too much on him. It really doesn’t matter how much baggage you have, because we all have baggage. Just don’t realist too much too soon and don’t focus on it.

Let the past go, focus positive and use these tips, tricks and strategies to draw in the man YOU deserve.

Don’t think too much about it just do it.

You’ll win.

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Rahanuma Islam Mithila

Development Studies

3rd 6th semester

Bangladesh University of Professionals

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